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There are two types of travel writers; one kind happily crosses a desert in a model-A Ford, braving heat, thirst and hostile locals. I am the other kind. I like places that are easy- to- reach, comfortable when I get there, and that offer a few off-beat attractions for me to discover. In short, the kind of thing most people look for when choosing a holiday.

This website offers reports on places I’ve  enjoyed exploring. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through them, comparing your experiences with mine or getting ideas for your next visit.

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Maryalicia has been travelling since she was allowed to cross streets by herself (what was her mother thinking!) She lived by the shore in Brooklyn, NY, in those simple days, a long time ago now. With her little sister as a willing companion, she would set out with a small bag:  a map, plasters in case of heel blisters, some chocolate and a notepad and pen. She’d walk until she got tired -or her sister did -stopping from time to time to rest and record what she’d seen. Many years were to pass before Maryalicia would be paid to travel. She was a copywriter first – on Madison Avenue in the ‘madmen’ days – wrote a children’s book (Horse in the House), became a journalist, then a medical editor.

Maryalicia Post

She married her childhood sweetheart and they moved to Ireland. When he died, after 30 happy years and a lot of travelling together, Maryalicia knew her hardest journey would be learning to live without him. Her book about the first year after his death, After You, was published a few years later by Souvenir Press, London.

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What next?  Time to start travelling again, still with her notepad and pen. Her notes turned into articles and the articles developed into a long career as a travel writer. She hopes to continue until she’s too old to cross streets by herself.. Though even then…….

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Unless indicated otherwise, these articles first appeared in EuroTimes Magazine.Articles signed  M were written for this website.Others appeared in the Irish Examiner, Mail on Sunday, Irish Independent, Abroad Magazine and France. Articles have been included in two anthologies: Travel Guides France and Travel Guides Ireland.

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