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Beaugrenelle Paris is a large shopping centre at 12 Rue Linois in the 15th arrondissement.   Along with 110 retail shops, 16 restaurants and a ten-salle cinema it offers a sense of space and comfort. Not surprisingly, it won the accolade of ‘Best European Shopping Mall’ in 2015.

The Beaugrenelle is housed in  three buildings along the Seine: the Magnetic, Panoramic and City. The Magnetic and Panoramic buildings are linked by a covered pedestrian bridge and their atria are illuminated by skylights that fill the shopping mall’s six floors with natural daylight -a spectacular setting for the blue glass  Grand Mobile’ . It is 15 meters high and was designed by French artist Xavier Veilhan.

Special services at Beaugrenelle include a personal shopper who will, for a fee, fill in the gaps in your wardrobe or produce a ‘new you ‘.  The entire centre offers free wifi; you can charge your device in a comfortable seat while enjoying a smoothie or a coffee.  If you have ID but no device, Beaugrenelle with lend you an ipad for your visit. And on the roof there’s a community garden and beehives which produce tons of honey every year.

Shops are open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:30 and from 11:00 to 19:00 on Sunday. Restaurants are open until midnight daily and options range from bistro style to McDonalds and include vegetarian. Tickets for the cinema with its cosy upholstered seats may be purchased on line at (Cinema closes at 0.30 daily) Beaugrenelle’s website is:

If old fashioned store to store shopping is more your thing, head for Rue du Commerce. Both sides of this attractive street are lined with interesting boutiques and branches of famous stores like Monoprix and Sephora. The street is not pedestrianised, but slow moving one-way traffic gives you the chance to thread your way from side to side as the fancy strikes..Jules, at 26-28 rue du Commerce, is an address cherished by young and trendy French men while at 93 Rue du Commerce, you’ll find the flagship store of the Somewhere brand. Now international, Somewhere was created in Paris in 1993 to provide ecco-aware clients, male and female, with garments in natural fibres (organic cotton, linen, silk, wool, cashmere, yak …) all sourced from responsibly managed suppliers. If your plan calls for lunch or dinner in the area, the Cafe du Commerce has been a welcoming presence at number 51 since 1921. Tables on three floors, lots of greenery. For something smaller but still traditional, try La Tour Eiffel located at 96 Rue du Commerce.

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