A Day in the Atlas Mountains

The glittering mountain peak beckoning from Marakesch is called Jbel Toubkail.  The highest point in the western high atlas mountain, it’s part of the range which includes the picturesque Ourika valley.

The area, populated by the Berbers is only 60 km from the city and is deservedly a popular day trip.

If you have the money,  invest in a  private tour;  this might be the time to have a word with your concierge for his recommendation. Alternatively, have a look at the offering of  Morocco Insight Tours or the private guided day tour from .

Above all don’t sign up for a tour offered to you in the market or on the street.You want a comfortable car with air conditioning, an experienced driver and guide. You don’t want to be at the mercy of rip off stops where you meet the driver’s first cousin and are taken to his shop. Nor do you want to find yourself part of a busload of fellow tourists of differing tastes and physical abilities.

There are seven spectacularly beautiful waterfalls  in the Ourika valley and though many tourists settle for a view only of the most accessible one, it is possible to proceed to the more remote and less visited of them if you have the stamina and the footwear.. Tea with an authentic berber family is also a possibility.A visit to an oil producing factory is usually an option. A camel ride might be possible.. what makes a private tour the best option  is that only activities you chose to be included are on the agenda.

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