A little bit of rain makes Venice sparkle. The problem comes when there’s a downpour. As the rain was splashing up to my knees, I ducked into a cafe for coffee- on the way in I took a picture of umbrellas hooked on a wisteria vine. It was the last picture I took with that particular camera because in the time it took me to shoot, the rain had flooded the mechanism.

Next problem was how many coffees could I drink?

The answer was ‘three’.

Something to read:

Back at the hotel, I downloaded a Donna Leon mystery on my Kindle so I didn’t even feel I was missing much of Venice. Her Inspector Brunetti travels around the city like a cat. And on the wave of Leon’s descriptive powers, I went with him.

Donna Leon, an American living in the Dorsoduro area of Venice, has been writing the Brunetti books since 1992. The 20th in the series, ‘Drawing Conclusions’ was the one I read this time. If you love Venice, or mysteries or both, I highly recommend it. I also recommend a Kindle. Easy to pack, light to carry and you always have something to read.

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